About Us

At LeGrand Music Studios, our focus is on creating a community environment where students feel encouraged to explore, discover and develop their musical interests. Our instructors have been selected based on their relevant education, professionalism and wide range of musical experience. We welcome a diverse repertoire, believing that every corner of the musical world has merit worthy of technical study.

We offer a diverse and complete lesson and class selection. Our skilled instructors offer classical guitar, blues guitar, folk guitar, piano, voice, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, music theory, appreciation, history, composition and more. We have multiple locations. Our main instruction studio is located inside the Fountain City Art Center.

LeGrand Music Studios was founded in 2004. We strive to offer quality music instruction. We encourage our students to perform and understand theory. Our students learn to read standard notation. Our Studios have grown to involve many musicians with decades of experience. Our instructors have a desire to share and develop opportunities to perform. Many of our instructors compose music that is rich with harmony and substance. Our Studios’ staff and acquaintances are motivated individuals that strive for excellence.