LeGrand Music Studios’ private guitar lessons are offered to adults and children. Our lesson genres are fingerstyle, classical, folk and blues.

Classical guitar lessons are one of our specialties at LeGrand Music Studios. Several of our instructors are classically trained and have many years of experience and education to pass along to students with the desire to learn this style of playing. LeGrand Music Studios offers the best classical guitar lessons in Knoxville. Our studio began as a classical guitar school. We use several different classical guitar methods, including our proprietary method, which is versatile and flexible, allowing students to learn in a classical fashion, but access many styles and new techniques. We also use methods such as the Suzuki Method, and as well as those created by Aaron Shearer and Scott Tennant, renowned professional guitarists.

Our Knowledge

Every classical guitar instructor at LeGrand Music Studios performs professionally as a solo guitarist and in ensembles. We also compose music specifically for the classical guitar for ensemble and solo guitarists. We understand the mechanics and technical aspects of our instrument, as well as music theory and performance. We happily pass this experience and education on to our students of the classical guitar.

Our Classical Guitar Students

Many of our classical guitar students perform in ensembles led by our instructors. Often these ensembles perform in public and as a component of concerts conducted by LeGrand Music Studios. Once training begins, all of our students gain access to music that is not easily accessible to other genres of guitar instruction.

Classical Guitar Collaborations

LeGrand Music Studios is a strong supporter of the Knoxville Guitar Society, whose focus is to bring fine guitarists to Knoxville to present concert music. Most of these artists are classical guitarists and all are finger style guitarists, which aligns with our school of instruction. We encourage and provide incentives for all of our students to attend these concerts. Some of these concerts take place in Fountain City Art Center, where LeGrand Music Studios is located.