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Privacy Policy

LeGrand Music Studios uses MyMusicStaff to keep and store all digital data for our students and instructors. 

Please review MyMusicStaff’s Privacy Policy for detailed information regarding your stored information.

Additional Information:

1) LeGrand Music Studios does not share information gathered from students to any organization or individuals except LeGrand Music Studios’ contracted instructors and management. 

2) Student and Family contact information and calendar/schedule information stored in MyMusicStaff is essential for operation and LeGrand Music Studios’ contracted instructors have access only to assigned students.

3) Financial information is stored only in MyMusicStaff and is only used for invoicing purposes. LeGrand Music Studios does not have access to any personal financial information entered, save the last-four identifiers of credit cards and bank accounts.

3) Online lessons and in-person lessons are not recorded by instructors contracted with LeGrand Music Studios. No information gathered during lessons will be share with individuals and entities without consent.

4) Only audio recordings submitted and recorded with specific purpose or intent, such as online recitals is shared via social media, LeGrand Music Studios’ websites and other online media distribution outlets such as YouTube and Vimeo. Details are described in individual event registration and submission and participation is an individual choice.

5) Media containing students or families will not be used for advertisements and social sharing online with students and guardian consent.