Summer Guitar Escape

Summer Guitar Escape

Want to improve your guitar skills?

Check out our Summer Guitar Escape!

Classical Guitar Lessons in Knoxville

LeGrand Music Studios is offering a week-long, online getaway primarily focused on helping guitarists expand their skill set through intense guitar training. One of our special features is that YOU get to decide which areas of guitar YOU want to focus on. We have two established guitar instructors who are excited to work with you one-on-one for 45 minutes each day. Our timetable is flexible, so our instructors are happy to accommodate you and your schedule. We are offering this week-long course at a fantastic rate of $259. Check out the information below to select which THREE areas of guitar you would like to focus on. Once you have registered for Summer Guitar Escape, please check your email for more information.

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  • Music Analysis
  • Chord Progressions, Substitutions
  • Transcription
  • Arranging
  • Multi-voice Harmonization
  • Improvising


  • Scales
  • Technique
  • Caged System
  • Exercises
  • Fret Board Knowledge
  • Comping


  • Phrasing
  • Creative Strategies
  • Using Popular Licks
  • Styling
  • Expression
Guitar instructor, Andrew
Guitar instructor, Karis