Let’s face it, there are just some times when life is too busy to make it to a 45-minute lesson each week. Many students, musicians and composers have difficulty making a lesson schedule work.  Common obstacles are jobs, family commitments and money. We’ve all been too busy at some point in our lives, and we understand this situation. If you can work through music without the regular guidance of an instructor, but occasionally would like some feedback and comments, LeGrand Music Studios has a solution that can assist you with your music, growth and progress regardless of your schedule.

LeGrand Music Studios Quick Review is a great way to gain assistance and insight on your progress towards completion of a project or piece of music. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a media file of your project and prepare it for upload. You can create a video or audio recording your performance, or if composing send us a playable file.  This can be easily done via a mobile device. Tell us a little about your music and yourself along with the project. We accept the following formats: Video – MP4, MOV and MPEG. Audio – MP3, WAV and AIFF. Sheet music for songs and compositions – PDF, SIB, MUS, MSCZ, MSCX (Sibelius, Finale and Muscore). All uploads should be five minutes or less in length.
  2. Purchase the Quick Review item on this page.
  3. Upload your file during checkout.
  4. Receive a review of your work within 48 hours. (Brief audio or video comments and suggestions)

We are currently accepting Quick Review uploads for the following:

  • Guitar lessons (acoustic: classical and folk – video or audio)
  • Songs and compositions (Playable File and PDF)

Also, your work is safe with us. We will only use uploaded files to return information to you. Your files will be deleted from our servers,  as soon as we’ve responded to you. We will not share or sell your files with anyone, except our staff. Our response will be available to you and on our servers for a period of one week.

Let’s get started!

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