What is Our Payment Policy?

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What is Our Payment Policy?

LeGrand Music Studios: Music School Payment Policy

Our payment policy is simple. We accept payments online via PayPal and credit cards. Tuition should be paid in full by the 1st of each month. If an tuition are not paid by the 1st of the month, no lessons will be scheduled for the month. Payments can be made online (We will send an email instructor payment links).

When do I pay, what do I pay and what happens if my payment is late?

January 2016 will bring new payment policies and procedures. We will offer a 5% discount to families that enroll more that one student into private lessons. If you do not qualify for one of these discounts, your monthly tuition is $28.50 per 30-minute lesson ($114 per month average of 12 months).

Due Date

The due date for tuition payments is the first day of each month. There can be no late payments. The majority of our instructors have a full teaching load and waiting lists. If payment is not received by the first of each month, no lessons will be scheduled for you or your family member for the duration of the month. The next enrollment opportunity will be the first of the next month. Please note, instructor schedules are updated and publish with open lessons times available to new students, or students that desire to shift schedules. If tuition is not paid, your lesson time will be added to the update to be published with the availably schedule. We request students use our recurring payment option to secure lessons and times each month. All new students are required to enroll with recurring payments.

Payment Process

We will send a registration email which will contain links to instructor payment pages, which should be used for payments. There are two payment options:

  • Full-time Recurring (monthly, pay by credit card or PayPal)
  • Part-time Recurring (monthly, pay by credit card or PayPal) 

How to Pay

  • Select an instructor’s link from the email.
  • Select a payment option.
  • Select checkout.
  • Select a payment type.
  • Complete payment information on the Checkout page.

Other Details

Your monthly payment is based upon a 47-week year. The studio will not be open the following weeks: 1st week of January, Knox County Spring Break, 5th week of June, Knox County Fall Break, last two weeks of December. Monthly payments are calculated as follows: 47 weeks X $28.50 / 12 = $114. (Instruction weeks X lesson price / months).

Payments by Month (full-time/full price/Four 30-minute lessons)

January – 4 weeks -$114
February – 4 weeks -$114
March – 4 weeks – $114
April – 4 weeks – $114
May –  4 weeks – $114
June –  4 weeks – $114
July –  4 weeks – $114
August –  4 weeks – $114
September –  4 weeks – $114
November –  4 weeks – $114
December – 3 weeks – $114

Please note, if a student decides to become part-time at any given point during a year, the student is considered “enrolled” and will be asked to pay each month as listed above if the student returns to full-time status. Remember, we guarantee make-up lessons within the month, so long as the cancellation is prior to 24 hours before a lesson. If a cancellation is within 24 hours of a lesson, the instructor will decide whether a make-up lesson will be scheduled. If an instructor cancels a lesson, a make-up lesson will be scheduled.

We are very grateful that you have chosen LeGrand Music Studios. If you have any questions, please contact us.